Frequently Asked Questions

For generic orders – Price per carton + Delivery Cost (if it isn’t picked up) will be quoted.

For private label orders – Setup Cost + Price per carton + Delivery Cost (if it isn’t picked up) will be quoted.

Setup cost is the film and plate charge applicable for private labels, depending on how many colours you wish to have in your sticks and sachets, cost will vary as a separate plate will be required per additional colour.
Generally, it is, with the exception to if you choose to redesign your artwork or if your infrequent orders have caused the rubber plates to harden.

For more information in regards to this setup cost, you can contact our National Sales Manager Charlie for more information.

Yes, there is a limit of up to 3 colours.
Yes, for private label type orders, there is a minimum half a pallet per order and is recommended that volumes should be at least 52 cartons annually.

It is also recommended that your minimum order should be a full pallet as delivery charges are generally by pallet rate so it is just more cost effectively for you.

See Product Range section for further product specifications.

As we print and package your private label’s sugar sticks and sachets in-house via a printer similar to an offset printer, rubber plate(s) are required for the printing process and if these rubber plates aren’t used frequently enough, rubber plates can harden and new plates will be required (meaning extra cost for you)! Therefore, we have a recommended minimum order for private labels to ensure there’s no surprise cost for you!

Contact our National Sales Manager - Charlie